Tom Weinkle is a Florida-based artist who is currently focused on pastels. He has presented workshops and seminars on creativity, design and art for over 25 years.

Poetry of Pastel is a unique art learning experience.

Suited for arts groups or individuals, the program can be run over 2-3 sessions and is designed to help push artist’s work to new levels by unlocking creativity and exponentially increasing their confidence with pastels.

Using a contrarian approach, attendees leave behind planning and traditional pastel practices and begin to explore the act of painting guided by mood.

Artists will find they will be able to bring excitement and creativity to your work by incorporating improvisation; and embracing chance as opportunity.

Along with engaging pastel demonstrations, attendees will receive hands-on experience:

  • Using emotions to focus on subject
  • Reacting and responding in the moment of drawing and painting
  • Validating your own notions of artistic beauty
  • Pushing the pastel medium to new places

Sessions are structured to provide attendees with:

  • Paint-along explorations of technique
  • Step-by-step demonstration in the context of a finished piece
  • Provide “at easel” guidance as you develop your own work
  • Discussion and review of the day’s activities

For more information on attending or holding a Poetry of Pastel workshop or demonstration in your area, please contact Tom at 305.213.3163 or use the button below to make an inquiry.

Workshops on Demand

Tom enjoys teaching and sharing what he has learned about creating art with pastels. He would be delighted to develop a workshop or presentation specifically for your group’s interest and needs.

3 persons minimum, on location or in my studio.

Past Workshops

The Poetry of Pastel | Artist’s Workshop | New Smyrna Beach, Florida
A 2-day workshop aimed at helping pastel artists explore improvisation as a way to incorporate more emotion into their work.
For more information, please contact Artist’s Workshop at 386-424-9254.

The Poetry of Pastel | Art League of Daytona Beach | Daytona Beach, Florida
This 2.5 day workshop will help you develop your skills in reflecting and reacting in the moment to create work that is fresh, expressive and uniquely yours.

Plein air in pastel demonstration | Matheson Hammock | Miami, Florida
Half-day demonstration of developing a plein air piece in pastel. The session will include a discussion of principles of using pastel, the process of studying subject matter and plein air setups and equipment.

The Poetry in pastel | Art League of Daytona Beach | Daytona Beach, Florida
A unique and innovative presentation on the principles of free painting with pastel. The session includes a demonstration of various techniques and processes aimed at developing more expressive work that reflects the “voice” of the artist. Photos from the event.

Creating Dramatic Pastels from Photographs | Cape Florida and Romero-Hidalgo Studio | Miami, Florida
Beginners and Intermediates.

This workshop will help you use photography to improve your art. Rather than trying to take the perfect picture to “copy”, we’ll learn about using photography to both ground and inspire our art. The workshop includes a morning photo safari to Cape Florida where we’ll discuss composition and lighting. The afternoon will include a studio demo, and individual guidance at the easel to help you create your own special work.

Trees In Nature | Romero-Hidalgo Studio | Miami, Florida

Trees are an endless source of life and energy. This half-day workshop teaches you techniques for effectively drawing trees of different types using pastel.

Endless Water | Romero-Hidalgo Studio | Miami, Florida

Water is our life source and it promotes peace, hope and fear. This half-day workshop takes a look at some of the most important forms of water such as the ocean, a wave, a stream, a peaceful lake and show us how to accomplish this with pastel.

Successful Skies | Romero-Hidalgo Studio | Miami, Florida

The sky is everywhere and an enduring source of fascination. Skies can inspire as well as frighten us. This half-day workshop will emphasizes the sky and its relationship to our painting.

Engaging With Nature | Matheson Hammock | Miami, Florida

Completely enjoy the experience of painting in plein air? It’s not about capturing the perfect moment of light or making a perfect painting, but rather about finding beauty anywhere. This full-day workshop focuses on finding subject matter and using a focal point to make the most of your plein air experience with pastels.

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